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Hasha Wellbeing was established in 2020 by founder Heather and is a subsidiary of Hasha Ibiza an e-bike and adventure company based on Ibiza. At Hasha wellbeing  we have a range of yoga and mediative offerings both online and in person. We run weekly group lessons as well as private lessons at your chosen location for you and your group.


My name is Heather Capocci, and I started my yoga journey back in 2012. Finding the practice initially as a last attempt to help ease the pain of a broken coccyx! Finding through practice, the pain was relieved, then later uncovering so much more that the practice had to offer. 
After a while the urge to deepen my own practice and share, finally became too great to ignore. I took the plunge, and in 2017 embarked on my Teacher Training at Yogacampus in Islington, London; completing their Yoga Teacher Training diploma (which consists of 320 contact hours, spread across 18 months. I have also trained with Tias and Surya Little, becoming a certified SATYA 1 Practitioner. SATYA works with more subtle movements to increase your sensory awareness and mobilise the different facial sheaths of the body, I incorporate this into my classes along with more dynamic work. 

In 2020 I relocated to Ibiza to set up our spanish company Hasha Ibiza. At Hasha Ibiza we provide day adventures and private yoga classes on the island. We own a fleet of ebikes that are used to explore the island in an eco-concious way, exploring and adventuring to parts of the island that are off the beaten track, to truly reconnect with nature. We combine our passions of adventure, cycling and wellbeing, creating bespoke adventure and wellbeing days for guests. We offer yoga at private villas and wild locations throughout the island, one to one and group sessions on line and in person.  

As a practitioners of yoga we are forever learning, and although teachers, inevitably share knowledge gained along our own journeys. It is most important to remember that we are all forever students of yoga – through practice and dedication, the learning never stops.

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